Understanding Costs Associated with Failed Messages on 1S2U.com


Cost Implications for Undelivered SMS

Sending messages seamlessly is our goal at 1S2U.com, but there can occasionally be bumps along the way. Let's delve into the financial implications if an SMS doesn't reach its intended recipient.

Pre-Transmission Errors: No Cost Incurred

Our advanced system actively monitors for discrepancies or potential issues with message transmission. If we spot problems with a number before sending, such as:

  • A validation mishap.
  • An attempt to communicate with a restricted country.
  • Billing discrepancies.
  • Incorrect number prefixes.

You can breathe easy! The message won't be sent out, and, importantly, there'll be no charges on your account for that message.

Post-Transmission Errors: Costs Apply

However, if a message is dispatched from our system, the scenario changes. In instances where a message is sent but isn't successfully received (maybe due to a number being delisted, ported, or other reasons beyond our initial checks), the cost for transmitting that message will still apply to your account.


At 1S2U.com, transparency is key. We ensure you're only charged for services rendered, and we are continually refining our systems to minimize errors, ensuring you get the most value from our platform.