Experience Seamless Messaging with 1s2u Bulk SMS Mobile Application


The 1s2u Bulk SMS Mobile Application revolutionizes how you communicate. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this app ensures that whether you're reaching out to a single contact or broadcasting a message to many, it's done effortlessly, regardless of the recipient's location.


Getting Started is a Breeze:

1. Begin by downloading our app. Rest assured, we prioritize user experience - so no pesky ads to disrupt your journey.

2. Register within the app and be greeted with a warm welcome - in the form of 10 free SMS credits!

3. Once logged in, the world of seamless texting is at your fingertips. Whether it’s individual contacts or your entire phone book, connecting is just a click away.

4. When you're ready for more, simply top-up your credits directly through the app.

Features That Elevate Your Messaging:

1. Flexibility in messaging - send individual texts or in bulk.

2. Multilingual support - Send texts in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, and more.. Communicate without language barriers.

3. Real-Time Reporting - Access detailed delivery statuses for all your sent messages.

4. Custom Templates - Effortlessly craft and store message templates for future use.

5. Organized Contact Management - Create, save, and manage contact groups for targeted messaging.

6. Preserve and revisit message drafts.

7. Auto-save functionality ensures you never lose a message mid-composition.

8. Instant access to your entire contact list while crafting your message.

9. Convenient in-app credit top-ups via Google payments.

10. Crave more advanced features? Use your app credentials to access your SMS dashboard on our website.

A Little More About the 1s2u App:

Our app efficiently leverages 2G, 3G, or Wi-Fi to ensure your messages are delivered promptly. Your feedback and experience matter immensely to us. Encounter an issue or have a suggestion? Reach out via the "Open Ticket" option under 'support' or contact us directly.


Ready for a revolution in communication? Download the 1s2u Bulk SMS Mobile Application now.