Service Termination Policy at


At, we're committed to offering our services with clarity, transparency, and mutual respect. It is vital for all our clients to understand the various aspects of our agreement termination policy.

Commencement of Termination:

At, we emphasize mutual respect and adherence to our agreed-upon terms and conditions. Should there be any breach of these terms on your part, we hold the discretion to suspend, terminate, or cancel our agreement. Additionally, we may seek damages arising from events that led to such actions. We also reserve the right to temporarily halt your services if we believe it impacts our ability to effectively provide our range of services.

Post-Termination Responsibilities:

In the event of a termination, irrespective of the reason, any accrued obligations on your end still stand. Even if your service access is suspended, it doesn't absolve or diminish any of your payment or other commitments. These commitments remain unaffected, especially if the suspension results from any non-compliance with our terms or any legal mandates.

Closing Your Account:

While we strive to provide unmatched service, we understand that our users might have reasons to discontinue. You can freely decide to terminate or cancel the agreement with anytime. To formalize such a decision, kindly reach out to us in writing through email. Once initiated, we will respect your decision and will ensure a smooth transition.

Our Post-Termination Commitment:

Following any agreement termination, for any cause, we expect you to halt any use of our services immediately. Post-termination, while your obligations stand, understand that will not be obligated to offer any services or support.


Our focus is always on maintaining a harmonious relationship with our clients while ensuring that our service standards remain uncompromised. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard.