1S2U.com Service Liability & Assurance


At 1S2U.com, we are committed to delivering quality services. However, certain factors and constraints dictate our deliverables. To ensure complete transparency, we outline the scope and limits of our liabilities and service assurances:

1. Timely Delivery:

We strive to ensure prompt message delivery, but specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed due to factors such as network congestion, system-related issues, and other external dynamics across cellular networks.

2. Delivery Reports & Originator Constraints:

Both delivery reports and originator functionalities are contingent on network operators. Thus, a 100% guarantee isn't feasible. We suggest preliminary tests if these features are vital for your operations.

3. Transmission Constraints:

Given that we collaborate with major telecommunication entities and Mobile Network Operators, our messaging influence is bound by external technical constraints.

4. Our Responsibility & Network Operators:

While we are committed to ensuring messages are processed accurately and relayed to the intended network, the final message delivery rests with the Mobile Network Operator.

5. Message Lifespan:

Any SMS undeliverable within its designated lifespan, set either by us or a Mobile Network Operator, will be discarded without notification. We shall not be held accountable for undelivered messages or losses stemming from such incidents. The content of the undelivered messages is perceived as having no monetary value.

6. Security of Content:

Given that SMSs are transmitted without encryption, potential third-party eavesdropping is feasible. We advise against transmitting highly sensitive information solely via SMS and recommend multiple robust communication channels for crucial information.

7. Service Assurance:

While we make all reasonable commercial efforts to maintain service accessibility, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted access at all times and from all locations. The service is extended "as is" with no explicit or implied warranties concerning its accuracy, reliability, or completeness.

8. Service Disruptions:

We shall not be liable for any service disruptions, errors, or omissions. Should you encounter third-party claims arising from service interruptions, your use of the service indemnifies us against such claims.

9. Beneficiary Clause:

The conditions mentioned herein are intended for the benefit of 1S2U.com, its associates, agents, content providers, and service providers. Each entity retains the right to assert and uphold these provisions directly on its behalf.


Your trust is paramount to us, and we continuously strive to enhance our services. We urge all our users to understand and acknowledge the stipulated terms to ensure a smooth and harmonious relationship with 1S2U.com.