1S2U.com's Commitment to Your Privacy


At 1S2U.com, safeguarding your privacy is at the core of our values. We believe in transparency and are committed to ensuring the utmost protection of your personal information, fostering a trustful relationship with our users.

Our Stance on Data Protection:

We've always prioritized a robust and comprehensive data protection policy that adheres to existing regulations. Recognizing the evolving digital landscape, we've further refined our practices to align with standards set by the GDPR, the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000, and The Indian Contract Act, 1872.

Our Privacy Principles:

  1. Exclusivity & Confidentiality: All your data, including phonebooks, message content, and MSISDNs, remain solely yours. We promise never to disclose this information to third parties without your explicit written consent.
  2. Transparency on Demand: Should any recipient of a message request, we're committed to revealing the identity of the sender, ensuring clarity and building trust.
  3. Use of Contact Information: Your contact details provided during registration are exclusively used for necessary communication. However, you always have the choice to opt-out. Additionally, we might use this information for non-personal statistical insights.

Valuing User Consent: Engaging with our platform signifies your agreement to our privacy terms, especially concerning your contact information. It's important to clarify that this only encompasses the details shared upon registration and does not include other sensitive data.

Privacy Assurance: Reflecting our unwavering commitment, we've earned the esteemed privacy badge, underscoring our dedication to secure practices. You can view our certification here.

Third-Party Associations:

  • Disclosure: We staunchly uphold your trust: your Personal Information is never for sale. We don't trade it, nor do we transfer it to external entities.
  • External Links: While our platform may feature links to trusted partners and affiliates, our high standards for privacy might differ from theirs. We encourage users to exercise discretion when navigating external sites linked from 1S2U.com, as we're not accountable for their content or privacy protocols.

Rest assured, with 1S2U.com, you're partnering with a platform where your privacy isn't just a policy – it's a promise.