Unveiling the Queue Report Feature for Bulk Groups on 1S2U.com


In the realm of bulk SMS messaging, efficient tracking of your group messages is pivotal for seamless communication. 1S2U.com extends a robust feature known as the 'Queue Report' to provide a real-time status of your bulk group SMS. This report becomes your central hub to monitor and understand the journey of your messages from initiation to delivery.


Navigating the Queue Report:

1. Navigating to the Reports Section:

Once logged in, head towards the left menu panel and click on the 'Reports' link. A dropdown menu will appear, now click on ‘Queue Report’.

2. Reviewing Queue Report:

Upon clicking, a new page unfurls showcasing a detailed report of your queue messages. Explore the power of our "Pending SMS Group Queue" report, offering you effortless control over your sent SMS files. Track their status and access in-depth details, providing a clear picture of your SMS campaign.


The Queue Report for bulk groups is designed to keep you informed about the status of your group SMS campaigns. Here’s how it functions:

  • Real-Time SMS Status:

Once you dispatch SMS to your groups, the Queue Report promptly reflects the status as 'In Progress'. Your groups' files reside in the queue awaiting the system to complete the sending process.

  • Transition from Queue to Sent:

Post the successful transmission of your bulk group SMS, the files vacate the queue list and gracefully transition to the 'Sent Report'. This segment now reflects the delivery status, providing a clear demarcation between pending and completed transmissions.

  • Tracking Delivery:

The sent report is your go-to destination to review the delivery status of your messages. It encapsulates vital information regarding the delivery, ensuring you are never in the dark about your message outreach.


Your Messaging Compass:

The Queue Report is more than just a feature; it’s your messaging compass guiding you through the bulk SMS sending process. With real-time status updates and a clear transition from queue to sent, you are always in the loop about your message dissemination.


A Transparent Communication Trail:

Transparency in communication is a core ethos at 1S2U.com. The Queue Report feature epitomizes this ethos by providing a clear, real-time visualization of your bulk group SMS status, making your messaging experience transparent and informed.


Ride the wave of organized and informed bulk messaging with 1S2U.com’s Queue Report feature. Every message sent is a step towards effective communication, and with the Queue Report, you are always ahead in your messaging game. Your messaging clarity is our priority.