Handling SMS Delivery Reports: Your Gateway to Ensured Message Delivery on 1S2U.com


In the digital age where instant communication is vital, understanding the journey of your messages becomes crucial. This journey can be tracked efficiently with the help of delivery reports on 1S2U.com, ensuring each message sent reaches its intended destination timely. Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough on how our delivery reports function, designed to provide you real-time insights into your SMS campaigns.

Understanding the Mechanism of Delivery Reports:

Delivery reports are your go-to resource for obtaining real-time information regarding the status of your messages. They act as a mirror, reflecting the journey of every SMS sent, whether it has been delivered, remains undelivered, or gets rejected. Utilizing HTTP forward method, these reports can be availed in real-time, enriching your understanding and allowing for immediate action if necessary.


Steps to Leverage Real-time Delivery Reports:

1. Navigate to Your Account Settings:

Log in to your 1S2U account and head over to the account settings page on your SMS dashboard.

2. Locate and Update the notifyUrl:

Spot the ‘notifyUrl’ field and provide the desired URL where you'd want the delivery reports to be forwarded.

3. Engage the HTTP Forward Method:

The HTTP forward method propels each delivery report to your specified address instantaneously as the status becomes available, making it the most efficient and recommended method for gleaning message status information.

4. Automated Notification Setup:

Initially, automatic notifications regarding the delivery status of your SMS are not active. However, post the addition of your notifyUrl, you'll commence receiving notifications regarding your message delivery status.

5. Access Delivery Reports on Dashboard:

Besides real-time notifications, your delivery reports can also be accessed within the 'SMS Sent Report' section of your 1S2U account.

6. Interpretation of Delivery Notifications:

Each notification pertaining to your SMS will display one of three statuses: "Delivered", "Undelivered", or "Rejected", letting you know the exact status of each message sent.


SMS Delivery and Notifications

Parameters Dispatched to Your URL. The following parameters are seamlessly forwarded to the designated URL:


Parameter name



The number to which the SMS was sent.


Sender Id/From clause in the SMS message. 

Msg id

A unique ID for the message


The received status date and time


The status of the message. Possible statuses include 'failed', 'delivered', 'undelivered' , expired or 'rejected'


Your Control Center for Delivery Insights:

1S2U.com's delivery report mechanism stands as your control center for delivery insights, ensuring a seamless, transparent communication pathway. Every SMS sent out isn’t just a message, it’s a connection, a promise of engagement that we help you fulfill proficiently.


With 1S2U.com by your side, you’re not just sending messages, you’re establishing connections, nurtured with real-time insights and supported by a platform committed to delivering excellence, every step of the way.