A Comprehensive Guide: Tracking Your Sent Messages on 1S2U.com


In the vast sphere of digital communication, staying updated with your message dispatches is crucial for effective engagement. On 1S2U.com, we present an intuitive platform to effortlessly track your sent messages, ensuring a seamless examination of your communication trail. Let’s delve into the simplistic steps to check your sent SMS messages and gain insights into your messaging campaigns.


Steps to View Your Sent Messages:

1. Navigating to the Reports Section:

Once logged in, head towards the left menu panel and click on the 'Reports' link. A dropdown menu will appear, now click on ‘Sent SMS Report’.

2. Reviewing Sent SMS Report:

Upon clicking, a new page unfurls showcasing a detailed report of your sent messages. This includes crucial information like the date of dispatch, sender name, status of the message, and more, providing a clear picture of your SMS campaign.

3. Delving into Today’s Sent Messages:

By default, the report manifests today's sent messages, giving you a fresh perspective on your daily messaging activity.

4. Exporting Historical Reports:

Looking to analyze older messages? Simply click on ‘Export Reports’ to download a detailed report of your past messaging endeavors. This feature is invaluable for revisiting and analyzing your communication strategies.


Pointers to Note: For ensuring a secure and streamlined experience, our system purges reports that are older than 60 days.


Your Archive of Communication:

With these straightforward steps, viewing your sent messages transforms into a hassle-free task. The comprehensive report not only reflects your messaging history but also empowers you to analyze and optimize your communication strategies.

Always Stay Updated:

Our 'Sent SMS Report' feature is your gateway to staying informed and optimized. The ease of accessing past messages combined with the detailed insights provided, makes 1S2U.com a robust platform for all your SMS-based communication needs.


Remain ahead in your communication journey with 1S2U.com, where every sent message is a step towards enhanced engagement and informed decision-making. Your trail of messages is not just a report, it’s a narrative of your digital interaction, each telling a tale of connection and engagement.