Effortlessly Dispatch a Single SMS with 1S2U.com: Your Gateway to Global Communication


Embark on a seamless communication journey with 1S2U.com, your trusted companion in connecting with individuals across the globe via SMS. Our user-friendly platform is engineered for simplicity, ensuring that sending a single SMS is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can swiftly send an SMS through 1S2U.com:


      1. Access Your Messaging Dashboard:

Log in to your 1S2U.com account, and steer towards the Send Single SMS, your command center for orchestrating SMS campaigns.     

     2. Sender Identification:

Kickstart the process by typing in the sender name that will appear on the recipients' devices, establishing a recognizable touchpoint.

     3. Message Type Selection:

Choose the type of text you wish to convey, whether it’s a standard plain text or other alphabets character text, options are available to select.

     4. Input Recipient Numbers:

For messaging multiple recipients, input the phone numbers separated by a comma (with no space) in the provided field, like so: 601111111111,601111111111,601111111111


  • The Single SMS section accommodates up to 30 numbers.
  • For a larger recipient base, transition to the Bulk SMS messages section, and upload your text file as outlined here 

     5. Craft Your Message:

Delve into drafting your message. As you type, keep an eye on the character count to ensure it aligns with the SMS standards and your messaging goals.

     6. Dispatch with a Click:

Once satisfied with your message, click on the "Send" button. Your Group SMS will soar through the digital skies, landing in your recipients' inboxes, ready to be read and acted upon.


Need Assistance?

Should you encounter any roadblocks or have questions, our dedicated support team is readily available to guide you through.


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Engage with the world at your fingertips and experience the ease and reliability of 1S2U.com’s SMS sending platform. With a few clicks, your message traverses continents to deliver your thoughts instantly. Whether it’s a heartfelt message to a loved one, an important update, or a critical alert, trust 1S2U.com to convey your message securely and promptly.


Our dedicated platform is crafted to make global communication feel like a cakewalk. Explore a realm of hassle-free texting with 1S2U.com, and keep the conversations flowing effortlessly!