Your Blueprint for Uploading Bulk Numbers File on


We aim to simplify your bulk messaging endeavors. Uploading your contact list is a breeze with our user-friendly interface. Here’s a straightforward guide to uploading a bulk numbers file (.txt)  (.csv) or (.xls) to expedite your mass messaging journey:


     1. Access File Management:

After logging in, navigate to the left menu and click on the "Favorites" link. Subsequently, select the "Files Manager" option to proceed.

     2. Prepare Your Numbers File:

The supported file formats (.txt) (.csv) or (.xls). Ensure you have a file on hand, exclusively containing the recipient's phone numbers.

Important Note:

  • Ensure your file strictly contains phone numbers without any accompanying names or additional text.
  • Each file should not exceed 60,000 numbers per file.
  • When inputting the numbers, include the country code without a '+' or '00' prefix. Must be written in this format e.g.,






     3. Initiate File Upload:

On the File Manager page, click the "Choose File" button. Locate and select your .txt file from your local PC, then hit the "Upload" button to begin the file upload process.

     4. Manage Your Uploaded File:

Post-upload, your file will be available on the File Manager page. You can review, edit, or even use it directly on the Send Bulk SMS page to broadcast your messages seamlessly.


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Discover the simplicity and efficiency of bulk messaging through your trusted partner in reaching out to a global audience with a local touch. Your journey towards impactful bulk communication begins with a simple upload.