Seamless Long SMS (Mass Text) Messaging : Reach Out with More Words on


Expand your message beyond the conventional character limits and engage with your audience more effectively using's Long SMS (Mass Text) messaging feature. Our Bulk SMS Platform is meticulously engineered to facilitate Long Bulk SMS messages, allowing you to communicate extensively with your customers no matter where they are located globally. At 1S2U, we cater a wide array of alphabets and character sets. Whether your message is in English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korea, Thai, Cyrillic script, or any other script, we ensure your text remains intact and legible.


Here’s a simplified guide on how to craft and send long SMS messages as a single coherent message to your customers:


  • Drafting Your Long SMS Message:

-Log into your account and navigate to the message composition section. Choosing the Right SMS Type for Your Text content.

-Begin crafting your message. With our Bulk SMS sending feature, you can extend your message over multiple parts, providing ample space to convey your content clearly.

  • Understanding Message Partitioning:

-Our platform supports Long SMS Messages partitioned into up to FIVE parts. This enables a more detailed and engaging communication with your audience without worrying about character restrictions.

-Should your message exceed the five-part limit, the remaining content will be dispatched as a separate message, ensuring none of your vital information is left out.

  • Preview and Send:

-Preview your message to ensure it’s articulated as per your preference.

-Once satisfied, hit the ‘Send’ button and your Bulk SMS message will be dispatched as one unified message to your specified customer base.

  • Exploring SMS Message Types and Country Restrictions:

Familiarize yourself with various SMS message types and explore any country-specific restrictions by visiting the designated sections on our website, ensuring a smooth messaging experience.

Click on SMS Messages Types

Click on Country Restrictions

  • Track and Analyze:

Utilize our robust analytics feature to track the delivery status and effectiveness of your Mass Text Messages, enabling a data-driven approach to your communication strategy.


Our platform is designed to deliver your extended messages with precision, ensuring your important information reaches your customers intact and on time. Discover how effortlessly you can send Single SMS or Bulk SMS using our intuitive platform by watching our video tutorial on YouTube. This video guide walks you through the entire process, ensuring you can reach out to your audience effectively and efficiently. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user, this tutorial offers valuable insights to enhance your bulk messaging experience on


Unleash the power of extended communication with’s Bulk SMS Messaging feature. Craft detailed messages, surpass character limits, and engage with your global customer base effectively. Explore, draft, and dispatch long SMS messages seamlessly on