Streamline Your Messaging Campaigns with’s Bulk SMS API


Harness the power of bulk messaging effortlessly with’s robust and user-friendly SMS API. Engage your audience, whether it’s for marketing alerts, notifications, or updates, by sending bulk SMS via API seamlessly integrated into your system. Here's a simplified guide to kickstart your bulk SMS campaign:


  • Prepare Your Contact List:

Organize the recipient numbers, ensuring each is preceded by the country code without the addition of + or 00. Separate each number with a comma. (Note: A maximum of 30 numbers is allowed per submission).

  • Access 1S2U API:

Navigate to the API section and select the option for sending bulk SMS. Our platform is engineered to provide a smooth integration experience with your existing systems.

  • Composing Your Message:

Type out your message. Be it an alert, an update or a promotional message, ensure it's clear and concise to effectively communicate the intended message.

  • Submit Your Request:

With your message composed and recipient list ready, submit your request through the API. Our robust platform ensures quick delivery, spreading your message far and wide in no time.

  • Track Your Campaign:

Utilize the SMS delivery report services available on to monitor the status of your sent messages, ensuring they’ve been successfully received by your intended recipients.

  • Optimize for Better Engagement:

Analyze the delivery reports to fine-tune your campaign for better engagement in future outreach efforts.

  • Support and Documentation:

Explore our comprehensive documentation to delve into our detailed SMS Developer section or to reach out our support team for assistance. Your successful engagement is our utmost priority.


Transcend the traditional barriers of communication with’s Bulk SMS API. Your pathway to engaging customers effectively and efficiently is just a few clicks away. Embrace the ease, speed, and reliability that comes with utilizing for your bulk messaging needs.