Unveiling Group Messaging: Swiftly Dispatch Group SMS on 1S2U.com


Embark on a streamlined messaging journey with 1S2U.com's intuitive Group SMS feature, meticulously designed to cater to bulk messaging needs with a touch of finesse. Here’s your roadmap to sending Group SMS effortlessly, ensuring your messages reach the designated recipients timely and accurately:


      1. Access Your Messaging Dashboard:

Log in to your 1S2U.com account, and steer towards the Send Bulk SMS, your command center for orchestrating SMS campaigns.     

     2. Prepare and Upload Your Bulk File:

Create a (.txt) (.csv) or (.xls) file encapsulating the phone numbers of your group members.


  • Ensure it solely contains the numbers, omitting any names or additional information.
  • Adhere to a limit of 60,000 numbers per file
  • Group numbers with country codes must be written in this format e.g.,






     3. Sender Identification:

Kickstart the process by typing in the sender name that will appear on the recipients' devices, establishing a recognizable touchpoint.

     4. Message Type Selection:

Choose the type of text you wish to convey, whether it’s a standard plain text or other alphabets character text, options are available to select.

     5. Group File Selection:

Select your predefined group from the available list, linking your message to the desired set of recipients.

     6. Craft Your Message:

Delve into drafting your message. As you type, keep an eye on the character count to ensure it aligns with the SMS standards and your messaging goals.

     7. Dispatch with a Click:

Once satisfied with your message, click on the "Send" button. Your Group SMS will soar through the digital skies, landing in your recipients' inboxes, ready to be read and acted upon.


Need Assistance?

Our dedicated support is available round the clock to guide you through any challenges or inquiries you may have regarding Group SMS.


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Venture into the realm of organized and efficient communication with 1S2U.com’s Group SMS feature. Send tailored messages en masse, while retaining a personal touch, driving engagement, and fostering solid relationships.


Dispatch Group SMS effortlessly on 1S2U.com, steering your bulk messaging campaigns towards success. Simplified steps, intuitive design, and steadfast support ensure your Group SMS endeavors are nothing short of impactful. Embrace organized communication with 1S2U.com today!