1s2u.com is a quality SMS service provider all around the world. It offers the cheapest and best quality Bulk SMS messaging services. 1s2u.com is distinguished from other providers with flat-rate pricing and human-human real-time communication, which makes it very convenient for customers.

The table below shows our flat-rate pricing list all around the world:

Per SMS Price Total Package Price Package Quantity
$0.10 $10 100 SMS
$0.05 $50 1,000 SMS
$0.02 $100 5,000 SMS
$0.017 $170 10,000 SMS
$0.012 $300 25,000 SMS
$0.009 $450 50,000 SMS
$0.0075 $750 100,000 SMS
$0.004 $1000 250,000 SMS
$0.0035 $1750 500,000 SMS
$0.0031 $3100 1,000,000 SMS

All prices are the same all around the world. You can send any Bulk SMS messaging to any country with the exact same price. NO HIDDEN FEES, no monthly or recurring fees, no setup fees or charges, and no expiry date. 

Choosing 1s2u.com is the right choice, with experience of nearly 20 years you will be assured that you are at the right place for your SMS messaging campaign.