Seamless Emoji Reception in Your SMS: A Guide by 1S2U


At 1S2U, we endeavor to simplify communication between you and your audience. One aspect of modern-day texting is the frequent use of emojis to express emotions and ideas succinctly. When messages replete with emojis are sent to a 1S2U Virtual Number, these characters are represented in hexadecimal values within the callback.


For instance, an emoji-laden message might appear as: %F0%9F%98%84%F0%9F%98%83%F0%9F%98%80%F0%9F%98%8A%F0%9F%98%98

If decoding these characters appears challenging, fear not. There are numerous online tools available to assist in translating these hexadecimal values back into their original emoji form. A notable tool such as


Let's delve deeper into the steps for hassle-free emoji reception in your SMS:

     1. Obtain Your 1S2U Virtual Number:

Acquire a virtual number from 1S2U tailored for your target market, ensuring a seamless communication channel with your audience.

     2. Receive Messages with Emojis:

As your customers communicate with you using emojis, the inbound messages on your 1S2U Virtual Number will display these emojis as hexadecimal values.

     3. Decode Hexadecimal to Emojis:

Utilize online tools like URL Encode Decode to effortlessly decode hexadecimal characters back into recognizable emojis.

     4. Enjoy Enhanced Communication:

With emojis decoded, engage in more human and relatable conversations with your audience, enhancing customer satisfaction and relationship.

     5. Explore Further with 1S2U:

Dive into the array of features and services offered by 1S2U to enrich your customer communication experience further.


Unveil a world where digital communication transcends mere text, embracing the colorful and expressive realm of emojis. With 1S2U, ensure that no nuance in communication is lost, fostering a more personalized and engaging interaction with your clientele.